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Shelby County kids are trying alcohol at age 10

What can YOU do to help?


*Eat dinner together


*Ask questions

*Make sure they know how you feel about underage drinking-set clear boundaries and rules

*Lock your liquor cabinets

*Get to know their friends' parents

*Drop in on them unannounced- Make your presence known while they're hanging out at the park or the mall.

*Use TV, movies or even real life experiences to talk about the consequences of drinking alcohol

For more information about how to talk to your kids about alcohol click here


And Here


And Here

Watch the Blake McMean's story

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"Risky substance use and addiction constitute the largest preventable public health problems and the leading causes of preventable death in the U.S. Of the nearly 2.5 million deaths in 2009, an estimated minimum of 578,819 were attributable to tobacco, alcohol or other drugs." -- "Addiction Medicine: Closing the Gap Between Science and Practice"
The Memphis Area Prevention Coalition is a non-profit group formed to facilitate prevention efforts in Shelby County to combat substance abuse and its consequences.
Our mission is to bring people and organizations together in an effort to reduce substance use and abuse among the youth in Shelby County.
We are a grassroots organization made up of concerned citizens from 12 different sectors of the community. We are dedicated to education, collaboration and promotion emphasizing the importance of attending to the needs of our young people in order to promote their development of healthy lives.
If  you are concerned about the effects of substance use and abuse in our community...then join us in the PREVENTION effort! 
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -- Benjamin Franklin