Kyle Platt, Bachelor of Business Administration
Opioid Summit 2023

Kyle Platt, Bachelor of Business Administration

Regional Director, Business Development
United Health Services

Since his career started in 2007, Kyle Platt has achieved many great accomplishments in relations management, PR communications, executive sales, regional & national sales management, consulting, hospital administration, product development, and operations management with 16 years of experience in healthcare organizations on both vendor and provider side of operations. Being passionately driven and as personable as it gets, his wide array of skill sets have enabled his successes in leading best practices for those who seek success in quality improvement and process automation.

Talking Points

  1. Audience will learn what “language-based biases” are and how to identify them.
  2. Audience will be introduced to how language can influence stigma and detract consumer entry into services.
  3. The audience will be shown a direct comparison of a provider’s actual marketing efforts and its marketing materials to display how direct consumer entry is minimal.
  4. Audience will learn how to identify language-based biases within their own content and how to adjust the language to be more conducive for consumer advocacy.
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